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Personal Injury

Personal injury is an area of the law which provides that monetary damages may be available for someone who has been injured due to the negligence or intentional acts of another.

  • Auto Accidents and other Car Wrecks
  • Slips and Falls
  • Insurance Bad Faith
  • Worker’s Compensation

Auto Accidents

By far the most common personal injury involving someone else’s negligence is automobile wrecks. We say wrecks as opposed to “accidents,” because, unlike what the insurance adjuster may try to tell you, legally speaking, you’ve been in a wreck and someone, likely, was at fault. When a car wreck occurs, you will likely be disoriented. Your adrenaline will also be pumping, which can give you a false sense of being physically well. Often times, with soft tissue injuries, it may take several days for pain to manifest. If you believe you are hurt, the cautious approach would be to seek medical attention right away.

Negligence is the legal term applicable to most personal injury cases. The elements of negligence are that there was a duty for someone to act as a reasonable person towards you; that they breached that duty; that their breach was a proximate cause of your injuries; and that you were in fact injured.

Regardless of what you may hear on television ads or billboards, auto wrecks usually aren’t settled with the snap of a finger. If they are, you’ve probably short-changed your settlement amount. Even when liability is fully on the person hitting you, there is often extended discussions on damages, subrogation, uninsured motorist coverage, product liability, and payment of medical bills. And believe it or not, MOST LAWYERS AREN’T EXPERIENCED IN HANDLING IMPORTANT PERSONAL INJURY CASES. A lawyer not experienced in handling these cases may make a huge error if all aspects of the case are not considered. We have actually had to take over car wrecks that originated with other lawyers who were in over their head.

Call Several Lawyers Before You Sign A Contract. It Doesn’t Cost Anything to Listen

Don’t make the mistake of signing up with a lawyer without checking with other lawyers. No lawyer should have a problem with you checking out your options. You should feel comfortable that the lawyer you hire is actually the one who will be working for you, and experienced in that field of law. Your lawyer should be knowledgeable on the spot about all aspects of automobile collision law and experienced in litigating these cases.

At our office, we handle car wrecks every week, from big truck accidents causing death and serious injury, to everyday fender benders causing bumps and bruises. All of these cases are handled by me directly, not by a new associate. Insurance adjusters and defense attorneys are very familiar with us, and when we get involved, they know we are prepared and ready to fight for you. If you’ve been injured in a wreck, contact us immediately for help.

Client Reviews

"John J. McNeil handled my case professionally and efficiently, and really worked hard on my charges. Not only was he explanatory of the process, he kept me informed throughout. He was able to get the felony charges against me dismissed, and I couldn't be happier with his work. I feel that he has a...

Courtney L.

"I have used john for yrs ! He has always been honest and never tried to push me into something that would hurt me in the future. I would use him again . If someone needs a lawyer he is for sure a great lawyer and tells it like it is . It’s not all about the money for him he really cares about his...


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